Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Patent on Sledging?

During the English Test Series (~Aug 2007), Indians were pretty chirpy on the field. They were very excited with their own efforts. "Let's file for a 'patent' on 'sledging'" they chorused!

The lawyer had a look at the patent application and quickly rejected it! Why?

Sledging cannot be patented! You cannot patent a Prior Art!

The Indians were left stumped ;-)

Friday, August 10, 2007

India's 664/10 trivia!

India holds the record for most runs without a century (524/9). That looked likely to be broken today but Kumble had other dreams. He aimed for a century and made it! He took the most innings before his first century (150 vs Vaas' 140)!

All Indian batsmen got to double-digits!

10 Englishmen got onto the Batting Scorecard (except Bell).

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Most runs without a sixer?

My friend Swami observed that Cook has ~1500 runs without ever scoring a six and wondered "Who has the most runs without a six in their Test career?".

Everton Weekes came to my mind but he had 2 sixes in his ~4500 runs. Neil Harvey has only 1 six in his 6000+ runs. David Boon hit only 2 sixes in his 7000+ runs!

I've to research a bit more to find the answer. Does anyone know the answer off-hand? Who would be good guesses?