Tuesday, July 08, 2008

She taught me that ...

On a fine morning my daughter (< 3 years old) was trying to pick up a soft toy (a black and white panda).

(Conversation in Malayalam, our native tongue)
Doter: "Can you get me that chimpanzee?"
Me: "I don't see any chimpanzee!" (despite knowing she was looking for that panda!)
Doter: "That chimpanzee over there ..."
Me: "That is not a chimpanzee"
Doter: "I want that chimpanzee"

I decide to teach her about classes/generic/specifics ...
(after all, my age in years is more than hers in months :-))

Me: "If you ask for that 'animal', I shall get it"
Doter: "Ok, get me that animal"
Me: "Here it is. It is called a 'Panda'"

Doter: "In English it is called 'chimpanzee'"

... and I learnt a lot!


Vighi said...

ithu kollam lo rajeshetta :)

rb stumped said...

@vighi, Chithu thinks that I don't know English! :-)

And I also realised that she knows that there are 2 languages :-)

fibinse said...

hehe smart kid :)

Suma said...

LOL and what is a dumbo called in Mallu ?